Why Choose Us
We have established a reputation as 'best-in-class' for producing high quality products.
Our portfolio covers diverse products in diverse industries.
Our team of engineers and fabrication experts have many years experience in their field of expertise.
We offer a complete range of complimentary services all under one roof.
Our engineers are widely known for their innovation and creativity.
We provide a FREE delivery and installation service for all our products where required.

It was in the year 2002 that Eminent Oil Field Equipment & Services started as name Eminent Industrial Equipment & Supplies.

In the year 2007 company renamed as Eminent Oil Field Equipment & services. Ever since ,it has been successfully involved in the areas of manufacture, refurbishment & supplies of oil field equipments and installation & maintenance works.

Since it is equally important to completely understand what the customer needs, focusing on users requirements and thinking in terms of solutions for the individual applications have become the primary concern. The incoming enquiries will be answered within 24 hours by our engineering department.

Eminent has three major roles in satisfying the customer providing high degree of products and service excellencies.


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